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Every Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We’ll tell your eye health story with 3D images, simulations and videos using advanced AccuExam technology.

AccuExam is the next revolution for eye exams, using advanced digital technology to offer you a more complete eye health and vision assessment.

Have you been to the eye doctor and felt overwhelmed with all the lens choices? You know the routine, “Which is better—option one or two?” And it goes on and on. This can be frustrating and leave you wondering if you chose the right options. Now there’s a new solution.

We’re proud to announce AccuExam—a more advanced and precise eye exam experience*. Using state-of-the-art technology, independent doctors of optometry provide a more complete eye health and vision assessment to help you see your best.

Instead of relying on the manual process you may have experienced before, AccuExam reads the shape of your eyes and automatically pinpoints and recommends the best prescription.

“AccuExam assesses the shape of your eyes and helps enable the doctor to provide the prescription that will help you to see your best.”

AccuExam uses advanced digital technology to provide high-resolution, 3D images, simulations and videos that give your doctor—and you—a window to your eye health. This customized view of your eyes helps your doctor detect health issues including glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes.